Certify With Bright Spot

There are six steps to become a Certified Bright Spot Therapy Dog Team.

STEP 1. Complete the Application for Course Registration and pay a one-time application fee of $10. (Our next course will be held on Sunday, November 3 & December 8, 2024. Space is limited.)

STEP 2. We will contact you by email once your application has been reviewed.

STEP 3. If approved, you will be asked to submit:

  • $150 fee for the training course and evaluation ( nonrefundable check payable to Bright Spot Therapy Dogs)
  • A copy of your dog’s rabies certification

Once both of these items are received you will be sent an email with a link to our course registration.

STEP 4. Attend all sessions of the training course. At the completion of the course, you will receive an email from the evaluator with possible dates, times and location of the on-site evaluation. Allow approximately one hour for the evaluation.

STEP 5. Pass the on-site evaluation. The evaluator will check your dog’s grooming and ask the team to perform the basic obedience skills. Then you will be observed conducting an actual visit demonstrating the skills taught during the course.

STEP 6. Become a Certified Bright Spot Therapy Dog Team by mailing the $45 new member fee and a copy of the Veterinary Health Certificate (Keep the original in your member file.)

The New Member Fee includes:

  • Certificate of Certification
  • Certificate of Volunteer Liability Insurance
  • Bright Spot dog vest
  • ID badges for handler and dog
  • Bright Spot T-shirt

The annual re-certification fee is $35, payable no later than July 1.

For an active member to certify an additional dog, the fee is $35 for the evaluation only.