Volunteer Requirements

The volunteer is just as important as the therapy dog. In the same way not every dog can be a therapy dog, not every person can be a therapy dog volunteer.

Ask yourself, “Is this really for me?”

Bright Spot is looking for dedicated volunteers willing to participate in a program at least once every-other-week, if possible.  The facility or program is counting on you to come at an agreed upon time. Volunteers are expected to contact their program director if they are unable to fulfill their commitment on a particular day.

Volunteers must keep their certification active in order to continue participating in a Bright Spot therapy dog program.  Certification is renewed annually in June.

Volunteers are responsible for maintaining a file containing:

  • Bright Spot Certificate of Certification
  • proof of Bright Spot volunteer liability insurance coverage
  • Bright Spot Veterinary Health form
  • Rabies Certificate
  • Bright Spot Location(s) of Volunteer Visit(s) form

The program you participate in may ask you for this information.  Although we maintain complete files on all our volunteers, it is your responsibility to provide this information to the program director, if requested.

Your dog must wear his/her therapy dog vest and your team is required to wear your official Bright Spot identification badges on all visits.

Only the certified Bright Spot Therapy Dog Team is allowed to visit.  No non-certified friend or family member may accompany the Team while visiting.

Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and able to provide their own transportation to and from a facility.

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