A Therapy Dog’s Bill of Rights

As a therapy dog, I have a right to a handler who:

      1. Obtains my consent to engage in the work.
      2. Gives me positive and gentle training.
      3. Is considerate of my view of the world and helps me adjust to my environment.
      4. Teaches everyone to interact with me appropriately.
      5. Focuses on me as well as people and my surroundings.
      6. Pays attention to all of my cues and responds accordingly.
      7. Protects me from overwork and excess stress.
      8. Gives me ways to relax after sessions.
      9. Provides me with a well-rounded life, including nutritious food, medical care, physical and intellectual exercise, social time, and activity beyond work.
      10. Respects my need to retire from work when I think it is time.

-Adapted from Ann R. Howie, Teaming with Your Therapy Dog